Re-Branding Plusval Real Estate.

Project Description.

Plusval is a successful real estate company in the Dominican Republic. Their growth and its large number of satisfied customers, motivated them to improve their graphic image and take a step towards innovation.

Plusval ads and signs needed to improve, to be more visible at a distance, and to communicate in a uniform manner. The potential customer didn’t digest quickly the info because of their green color, a distinctive element in the brand, which was often printed with errors by not having a defined Pantone color.

After several months of work, we agreed with the client to reduce the color palette to 2: Pantone 389 as the definitive green, and black. They were previously working green, light brown and black.

Century Gothic continued being the official typography, but we discarded changes of thickness in the name. The Realty Group claim was replaced by “Real Estate” to facilitate awareness when communicating outdoors, events or stationery. Information in ads was simplified by eliminating excessive text and placing the main reading on a black background. (Phones, sell or rent).